This course deals with the basic principles for managing cases of intoxications and poisoning with special emphasis on both general supportive measures and specific antidote treatment.
Credit hours: 2+1

This course focuses on how exposure of humans to toxic chemicals at both age extremes (paediatrics and geriatrics) can lead to aggravated toxicity. Altered toxicokinetics, mode of action, and other factors will be addressed. Pregnant women and their foetus are at higher risk for toxicity. Underlying causes will be discussed. The same hyper-responsiveness is exhibited by renal and hepatic patients. Furthermore, the effect of genetic polymorphisms on environmental exposures to toxicants will be addressed. Preventive measures and toxicity testing tailored for reducing risk in the aforementioned populations will be discussed. Moreover, the toxicities with some pharmacological classes in each of these populations will be reviewed.
Credit hours: 1+1