Clinical Toxicology Diploma 2018/2019

  • Call for Applications
    1. Faculty of Pharmacy-Cairo University is pleased to invite the Egyptian and overseas healthcare professionals (Pharmacists, Physicians and nurses) to apply for the IT-based International Diploma and Professional Certificates in Clinical Toxicology for the academic year 2018/2019.
    2. Fifty scholarships for the Egyptians and overseas candidates are offered for the first academic year. The scholarship will cover only all the bench and tuition fees for the academic year 2018/2019. The Fund will not cover the cost of transportation and accommodation during exams and practical training periods at Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University.
  • Eligibility criteria
    1. Bachelor’s degree of Pharmacy, Medicine or Nursing from Egyptian and international Universities.
    2. General Estimate of the bachelor’s degree should be at least “Good” (GPA of 2.1).
    3. Failure to attend the allocated practical part or the final examination of any subject that will be held in Faculty of Pharmacy- Cairo University results in failure in this subject (based on the study timetable that will be announced later).
      Note: Only for the international students, the practical training and the two-semester exams could be held in the same time-period at the end of the second trimester
    4. Applicants have to submit their applications online via the official website of the Diploma before the deadline of 31st July. Successful applicants will be required to hand-in hardcopy of the required documents or send them by registered mail to Faculty of Pharmacy-Cairo University postgraduate research office.
    5. For applicants studying in languages other than English, an IELTS score of 5.5 or TOEFL score of 72 is an entry requirement to the diploma.
  • Evaluation process
    1. All the Applications will undergo an initial electronic screening against the eligibility criteria taking into consideration “bachelor’s grade, speciality and relevance to the clinical toxicology field as well as the geographic distribution”.
    2. Faculty of Pharmacy-Cairo University will conduct a peer review process to select the final list of potential candidates.


  1. It is possible that Pharmacology and Toxicology Department Council as well as the Faculty Council to impose other requirements regarding the Diploma acceptance criteria.
  2. The final number of the accepted students will be determined according to the department and college capacity.
  3. If the applicant has a minimum 1-year working experience in the field of Toxicology, a proof must be provided.
  4. If the applicant has registered for another postgraduate degree at any University, it is mandatory to submit a request for the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University council to get an approval from Cairo University postgraduate research sector to be able to register for the Diploma.
  5. The successful candidates have to pay the total tuition/bench fees in advance via cash or bank transfer to the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University bank account. Receipt for payment must be provided before the start date of the Diploma.
    Note: In case of getting one of the provided 50 scholarships, you will be exempted from any payments and you have to submit only the scholarship award letter.
  • Required documents for the Egyptian applicants
    1. The original document of the graduation certificate.
    2. The original document of the birth certificate.
    3. Copy of the national ID (Valid).
    4. Copy of the Military Condition (for males only).
    5. Six recent personal photos (size 4*6).
    6. Receipt for tuition fees payment or the scholarship award letter.
  • Required documents for the overseas applicants
    1. The original document of the graduation certificate.
    2. Copy of the passport (Valid).
    3. Six recent personal photos.
    4. Receipt for tuition fees payment or the scholarship award letter.